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1-on-1 Private Coaching

With Your Personal Communication Blueprint

1-on-1 | 6 sessions, over 3 months | In-person or Virtual 

Customized packages available upon request

Do you feel nervous and caught off guard during meetings and presentations? Not sure how to get your ideas across so your team buys into them? Worried about not being heard, or not making enough of an impact?

I provide individualised coaching to help you learn how to share your message, connect better with the people around you, and inspire them to take action.

Individualised coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve just started a new job and are unsure about connecting with your new colleagues

  • You’ve recently been promoted and want to establish yourself with your new team

  • You get nervous when you’re asked to present – be it at events or meetings – and want to overcome that

What You'll Get

6 hours

Private 1:1 coaching to get you to your goals

30 Min Connection Call

To understand your needs before we begin

Email Support

Direct access to me for any questions you may have

At the end of the sessions, you’ll have a personal blueprint – a step by step process for how to prepare most effectively for any future meetings, presentations or speeches, customised to your own unique, individual preferences and style.

Your Personal Communication Blueprint

What You'll Learn

Over the course of the 6 sessions, I’ll take you through personalized exercises, where you’ll learn how to:​

Handle Your Nerves

Breathing and mindset techniques to help you stay calm and composed

Craft an Effective Story

Storytelling techniques to make what you're saying more compelling

Build Confidence

Be sure of what you're saying, so people feel like they can trust you

Use Your Voice & Body

Make use of body language and tone of voice to express yourself better

Connect with Your Listeners

Focus on who you're speaking to, and how you're making them feel

Inspire Action

Make an impact on whoever you're speaking to


What Others Have Said

Geila Daughtrey, Rockett Design

"I am hugely grateful for all Victoria's help.  I am much more confident going into new business meetings and presenting our company now, which has made a significant impact on our business growth.  Her sessions were varied, informative and practical.  But most importantly they were fun, and so the lessons learnt have actually stuck. Thank you so much!"

SG Wong, Standard Chartered Bank

"I came to Victoria to work on improving my presentation and public speaking skills. I got much more than I bargained for. Victoria comes well prepared for every meeting and most importantly translates the learning into an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Her lessons have helped me not only articulate myself better in stressful situations but also helped me to become a more patient listener. The latter being the most important to my wife! I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone looking to communicate more confidently and authentically."  

Preeti Gupta, BMW Group Asia

"Victoria was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a positive and engaging personality which puts executives at ease from the start. In addition to providing a good balance of discussion and practical exercises, she also offers immediate feedback and advice so executives know what to work on and how they can improve. Finally, it was extremely helpful that she was able to provide guidance on presence/ presentation when speaking to someone 1:1 or to a larger audience in-person and how that changes when speaking to an audience virtually via Zoom or other platforms. I look forward to working with Victoria again in the future!"

Ready to start speaking with more impact?

I’d love to have a chat to get to know you and see how I can help.

Just leave your name and contact information below and I'll be in touch.

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