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12 Days of Confidence

Day 1

Welcome! I want to start by addressing one of the most common stories I find people telling themselves when asked to speak in public.


They find themselves saying “I don’t know what I’m going to say, what if I get a question I can’t answer, I don’t know enough to speak on this topic, I have to be perfect and prepped for every eventuality.

And because of those worries, they end up scared and unsure of what they’re about to say. Does that sound familiar? If so, practise telling yourself this today:

“I am not an expert in all things, nor should I be, nor need I be.”

My own biggest insecurity when I started to work with people in the corporate world was that I didn’t know enough about their particular industry, their company structure, their corporate language and what each role of each participant actually involved on a day to day basis.


I was filled with fear and questions. What does this mean? I’ll look a fool at the front of the room if I don’t know this or that. They will only take me seriously on my subject if I understand each of their specialties.


Now, tell me, when you see the mad ravings of someone else does it sound absurd? Yes! “Victoria, they hired you for help with communication skills, not to advise them on their business strategy, hiring, or inventory!”


It is easier to see when someone else is putting excess pressure on themselves than it is to notice when we are doing it to ourselves. Today is your reminder!

 So the next time that voice comes in your head, saying “I don’t know enough, what if I can’t answer their questions”, practise telling yourself that: “I am not an expert in all things, nor should I be, nor need I be

Til tomorrow!

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