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12 Days of Confidence

Day 11

People often complain they don’t have enough time to prepare. We feel like we don’t have enough hours, and the presentation day is coming up soon. The presentation is probably very important to you, but there’s a fear that you won’t be ready in time.

Here’s what to ask yourself, though. What are you spending your time on? Are you spending your time tweaking your slides and transitions? Or are you actually practising?

Rehearsing isn’t about editing your slide deck. It’s about actually speaking through your presentation, out loud, so you know how it feels and sounds. That’s a hugely important factor that most people overlook.

So the next time you have an upcoming presentation, commit to rehearsing:

I love helping people to rehearse. When you have a specific speech or presentation to give, the date is set, the script is (sort of) ready, that’s when rehearsal can begin and I get such a kick out of watching someone bring their ideas to life. The problem is, not enough people do it. Our presentation style and delivery seems to be something we are likely to leave to chance and good fortune because we are ‘too busy’. This is akin to an actor saying, “I know we have opening night next week but I’m so busy ironing my costume, steaming my throat and painting the scenery that I have decided I’ll skip the final week of rehearsals''.


Do a rehearsal – a real rehearsal – one or two (or even more) times, and I promise, you’ll feel so much more prepared when it comes time for the actual thing. To find out more about how I help people to prepare and rehearse you can click here.

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