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Calm your Stage Fright

Download our exclusive, free micro podcast now. Plug in your earphones and soothe that stage fright. 


We have created this audio file to help you calm your nerves before your next presentation or speech. In this free audio recording Victoria helps you to feel calm, prepared and positive.


Listen any time or anywhere you need that little extra help and support in public speaking.


We've got you.

"She is some kind of public speaking sorceress! After meeting with her, I slept better and felt far more confident. As a long-time sufferer of public speaking terror, I had a session with Victoria to prep for a big presentation at work that was giving me massive anxiety. I was astonished to find myself not merely less anxious but almost looking forward to the event after just one session"

- L Morrison, Meta


Victoria Mintey

Victoria a is public speaking coach and trainer based in Singapore. As well as that she is a professional actress with a MA. in Performance from the UK and more years than she would care to count of performing experience. Being on stage is her happy place.

She has worked with top executives from companies such as LinkedIn, Spotify, P&G, INSEAD, Microsoft, AIA, and more. Based in Singapore since 2011, Victoria has worked with people from a thrilling mix of countries and cultures.


You can take comfort in knowing, no matter where you come from, being human means you've got most of the same concerns about public speaking as everyone else! Let's work on it together. 

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