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Personal Presentation Review

Virtual | SG$200

Get personalised and actionable feedback on your presentation - so you know exactly what you need to do to engage, influence and inspire your audience. Access Victoria's coaching at your convenience by sending video clips of your rehearsals and receiving expert feedback and advice on how to hone your delivery. 

Get Personalised Feedback on your presentation


Gain a professional opinion on your presentation

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

Get actionable tips on how to improve

Become more comfortable presenting

Receive personalised practice exercises

Be confident in what you need to do to nail your presentation

How it Works

  1. Enter your details

  2. Upload/record a video (up to 10 mins) of yourself giving your presentation

  3. Within 1 week, you’ll receive a personal video response and a downloadable workbook

  4. Follow the advice in the response, and the steps in the workbook

  5. Nail your presentation!

What You'll Get

Personal Video Response

A personal video response from Victoria, with professional feedback & insight on your presentation

Written Report

A written report with customised advice & feedback, built around your specific strengths and weaknesses

Actionable Workbook

Practice exercises for you to work through, and a pre-presentation checklist, so you can make sure you’re completely prepared


What Others Have Said

Marissa Trew, TZ APAC

"As a regular public speaker, I found sessions with Victoria very useful as she was able to point out areas of improvement and correct any minor bad habits, which elevated both my skills and confidence when presenting even further. I found her coaching style very approachable, supportive and best of all, fun and a joy to do."

Lipika Subbiah, LinkedIN

"Victoria helped me make immediate changes in my communication. Storytelling, speaking in simple (5-year old) language, and stepping in your audience's shoes are three techniques that I learned to apply right away. I began to get compliments for my engaging presentations the same week as my sessions with Victoria. I found her engaging, direct, and tailored approach very enjoyable and impactful and can highly recommend Victoria as a communications coach for both workshops and 1-1 sessions."

Ready to nail your next speech?

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