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Pre-Speech Intensive

1-on-1 | 1 session, 3 hours | In-person or Virtual 

Customized packages available upon request

Have a speech or presentation coming up soon that you’re unsure about?


I’ll help you make sure you’re fully prepared to deliver that speech with presence and impact.


After the 3 hour coaching session, you'll:

  • Have a clear idea of how you are perceived

  • Be confident in your message and how you’re delivering it

  • Go into your speech feeling less nervous, less self conscious, and more relaxed

  • Know how you can use your voice & body language to make the most impact

  • Have a compelling, focused, clear presentation that will get your audience feeling how you want them to

What You'll Get

3 hours

Private 1:1 coaching to nail down your speech or presentation

30 Min Connection Call

To understand your needs before we begin

30 Min Follow Up

Reflection on how it went, and how you can make the next one even better

What We'll Do Together

Understanding who you’re speaking to, and what they care about

Setting objectives of how we want our audience to feel

Preparing for the venue

Voice & body assessment

Checking presentation structure & slide sequence

How to use your voice and body to tell your story effectively

Testing different delivery styles to see what works best for you (& your audience)

Multiple rehearsals, with immediate feedback

& tailored guidance

Question & Answer practice


What Others Have Said

Lanis Yarzab, Pontoon Solutions

"Victoria ensures I am cognizant that each part of my presentation is an opportunity to create an impact, from the agenda to the closing remarks. She keeps me away from technical jargon and ensures I am focused on the message I need to convey- the all important “why”. It has been refreshing to take a step back from something I feel comfortable doing and look at it with fresh eyes. I can honestly say that I feel my presentations are more meaningful and the feedback I have received has been very positive. I would definitely recommend working with Victoria. She is professional and can help you achieve your goals."

Geila Daughtrey, Rockett Design

"I am hugely grateful for all Victoria's help.  I am much more confident going into new business meetings and presenting our company now, which has made a significant impact on our business growth.  Her sessions were varied, informative and practical.  But most importantly they were fun, and so the lessons learnt have actually stuck. Thank you so much!"

Ready to nail your next speech?

I’d love to have a chat to get to know you and see how I can help.

Just leave your name and contact information below and I'll be in touch.

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