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Private Coaching & Team Training

Private Coaching

It's not about you!


It's about your audience. When the stakes are high and our confidence is low we may become overly self-conscious, revert to old habits or lose our incentive to practise presentations. With one-to-one coaching you can get over the worst of your public speaking fears in private and work at your own pace.

Personalised sessions address your concerns head on. Enjoy a pressure-free space to practise, experiment and hone your style and story. We make sure that you break the vicious cycle of self critique and, instead, respond to our coaching and feedback moment to moment.  You can choose how to structure your training whether a regular weekly session or pre-speech intensive rehearsal. Whatever best suits your diary.

Team Training

No more "one size fits all"

Our approach is different because, instead of churning out the "rules" of public speaking and moulding everyone into a "perfect presenter", we turn our attention to the individual mindset of your team members. By developing, from the inside, a purposeful commitment to presenting well, audiences and speakers can feel the difference. Teams love the energy we bring to the room, our direct and effective feedback and the immediate impact of getting on your feet for practical exercises.

We love to work with our clients to create bespoke training with the ideal focus and format for your organisation. Get in touch for a chat about what we can do to develop your people and their communication.


For a grab-and-go option we have the following signature programmes on offer:

1) Explore - a 1 hour introduction. Learn the key first step to improving your presentation skills. This session sets up the principles for Engage and Excel workshops.


2) Engage - a 3 hour workshop that explores how to calm your nerves, understand your audience and take control of your voice and body language.


Public Workshops

Communication is everything 


The communication skills that we help people to develop can do much more than improve your presentations. Meetings, interviews, negotiations, networking - all kinds of conversations - will benefit from Presence & Impact Training.

Join the mailing list to find out about our next pubic workshops on offer or send me a message if you would like to include my talks or workshops in your event.

Past events include: insurance associations, law associations, professional services and marketing associations, co-working lunch and learns, recruitment network panel.


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