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Say it like you mean it

Speak with Confidence, Presence & Impact.


Using theatre techniques from my
15 years of experience as an actress, I’ll help you:

Manage your nerves when speaking in public

Say what's on your mind with confidence

Connect with others &

inspire them to take action

Why Theatre Techniques?

As an actress, everything I do is focused on how to connect with an audience and deliver a message clearly and with impact.


That’s my core job.

Those skills – how to captivate an audience, using your body language and vocal energy effectively, managing your nerves on stage – are all important skills in the business world. The theatre techniques I use will help you develop in these areas.

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Victoria Mintey

I’m a professional actress with a MA. in Performance from the UK and over 15 years of performing experience. I use the skills and techniques I’ve learned from my performance background to help people remove the corporate mask and be more of who they are – so they can make more of an impact on the people around them.


I provide Presence & Impact Training,
for individuals and teams

1-on-1 Private Coaching

With a Personal Communication Blueprint

Work with me at your own pace, on the specific challenges and fears you’re facing.

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Corporate Team Training

Bring your team together, to learn how to communicate better with clients and with each other.

Pre-Speech Intensive

A single, intensive sprint session to guide you through an upcoming speech or presentation.

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Past Clients

I’ve worked with leaders, executives and teams from global MNCs, across multiple industries and countries.


Very happy clients!

Kasey E.

"It's the most confident I have ever felt with doing a presentation. Thanks so much for your help"

Jon B.

"The techniques that you used to make me more aware of my delivery and how to change it were great."

Geila D.

"I am hugely grateful for all Victoria's help. I'm much more confident going into meetings and presenting now"

Ready to start speaking with more confidence & impact?

I’d love to have a chat to get to know you and see how I can help.

Just leave your name and contact information below and I'll be in touch.

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