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Samples of my work

on Stage & Screen

Pangdemonium’s cast made Into The Woods their own, each character true to Sondheim’s vision yet showcasing elements of the actor playing them too. Humour was delivered perfectly, while songs were pitch perfect.  Ensemble of the Year 2023.


- Bakchormeeboy

Into the Woods - Pangdemonium

Into the Woods 2024.JPG
Victoria Mintey 4.jpg

"Victoria Mintey in particular, probably had the hardest role to play, but did so with aplomb, delicately balancing portraying her troubled history and relationship with her mother with laugh out loud sarcasm."   


- Bakchormeeboy

The Memory of Water, Wag the Dog Theatre

"Mintey and Worrall’s electric onstage chemistry giving these scenes a strong sense of tension.   


- Bakchormeeboy

How I Learned to Drive, Wag the Dog Theatre

Victoria Mintey 5.jpg
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