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Corporate Team Training

Up to 10 pax | Includes Group sessions & tailored 1:1s  | Delivered In-person or Online

Customized packages available upon request

From client calls and sales pitches, to team meetings and board presentations – so much of the work day is spent speaking with others.


Is your team effective and engaging in these scenarios?


A huge proportion of our business success is dependent on how well we can connect with the people around us.


Do you know how to develop your team’s impact, presentation confidence and charisma?

I do.

"Having brought in Victoria to work with my team at LinkedIn, I can say hands down that the ROI on her workshops & coaching was huge"

- A. Abbate, LinkedIn Sales Enablement

Increase Sales & Business Development

by inspiring audiences to take action through compelling pitches and presentations.

Improve Client Loyalty & Retention

by building a deeper trusting relationship with them using story, listening skills and emotional connection.

Maximise Efficiency & Productivity

by helping your team learn to speak concisely, clearly and assertively and tailoring their content with ease.

3 Cs of Communication

During the core group sessions in the programme, Victoria will guide your team through the 3 Cs

 Clear, Confident, and Compelling communication.

Part 1


Making sure your audience really understands what you’re saying – through a combination of what you say and how you say it.

  • Impactful personal introductions

  • Slowing down and keeping calm

  • Creating a confident voice

  • Cutting out umms and ahhs

  • Simplifying your message

  • Using positive language

  • Minimizing technical jargon

How do we transform your team?

Develop your team’s public speaking and influencing skills from the inside out. 


 Confidence & Gravitas  
 Audience Connection 
Inspiring with Storytelling 
 Speaking Concisely 
First Impressions
Posture and Physicality 
 Expression to Influence 
Question Handling 
 Reading the Room 
 Voice Work 


 100% Practical Workshops

 You won't just learn the theory, Victoria physically works with your team to change their communication style for the better.

The Outside Eye

We know that it is hard to give each other the detailed (and honest!) feedback that is needed to supercharge your presentations.

Victoria, a theatre actor, brings a laser focus on style and delivery and decades of experience in giving constructive coaching.


Team Training for Individuals

We provide individual feedback and guidance to every participant. 

Presenting is personal and your training should be too.

Part 2


Creating true inner calm and confidence for all your conversations – so the people you’re speaking to can be confident in you as well.

  • Breathing to help your nerves

  • Using eye contact to stay focused

  • Setting up your space for better video calls

  • Understanding what your posture says about you

  • Using body language to build trust and credibility

  • How to make the best of online or phone conversations

Part 3


Speaking with emotion, to help your audience feel what you want them to feel – so they’re driven to take action.

  • Learning and using the components of storytelling  

  • Injecting expression into your words

  • Listening closely to build connections with others

  • Handling questions and sensitive topics 

  • Putting it all together, and forming new habits



What Others Have Said

Caroline Guyot, Engie Factory

“It’s been fantastic to work with Victoria on designing a “Pitch your story” workshop. She made it fun, dynamic, and insightful to our group, even adjusting the flow of the workshop to the need of the startup founders. In just half a day, we all came out with new tips and a refined story for each of the ventures. Thank you!”

Andrea Abate, LinkedIn

"All I can say is WOW. Victoria is an extremely insightful, impactful and collaborative expert when it comes to communication training and coaching.


I recently had the delight of hiring Victoria to run an Executive Communication workshop for my team. Prior to the workshop she did a very thoughtful and thorough needs analysis, to ensure the workshop achieved our goals. Her delivery was spot on - gaining the respect and credibility of the team instantly, and leading the most engaging workshop we’ve ever experienced on Zoom.


The learnings have stuck with us and have already made a demonstrable difference in my team’s confidence and interactions. I am now bringing Victoria back as a coach to myself and each of my team!


Applied theatre truly works, and Victoria is an expert practitioner."

Ready to take your team to the next level?

I’d love to hear more about the team, their communication concerns and discuss how our training programmes will help.

Just leave your name and contact information below and I'll be in touch.

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