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Venture builder? Startup founder? Have I got news for you!?!

100% get-up-and-practise, 0% time wasted. This half day training for startup founders has the pace and punch you need to create pitch miracles. And you get my feedback thrown in for added value.

A funny thing happens when you have to speak over and over about your super duper, wild and crazy, never-before-seen business idea. It's the familiarity effect. You no longer feel the buzz, the adrenalin. You may even be sick of the sound of your own innovation! And as you lose interest, guess what - the audience will too. It's time for the Pitch Your Story workshop to swoop in and help you edit out jargon, inject relatable stories, work your improvising muscles and show you the real meaning of stage presence.

I had an absolute blast creating this workshop, I felt more inspired and alive with ideas than I have for ages. Startups bring out the innovator in me! What started as a standard half day, small group format became a sort of high energy, circuit training session (but with lots of coffee instead of dumbbells). Working with up to 10 founders at a time we split into small pods to examine the various content upgrades that your pitch really needs along with honest, targeted feedback on your delivery style. If you want your ideas to make a splash and your commitment and passion to shine through then you need thorough rehearsal, experimentation and feedback on the many shapes your pitch could take. Don't go it alone!

Here's what Caroline, MD at Engie Factory had to say...

“It’s been fantastic to work with Victoria on the “Pitch your Story” workshop. She made it fun, dynamic, and insightful to our group, even adjusting the flow of the workshop to the need of the startup founders. In just half a day, we all came out with new tips and a refined story for each of the ventures. Thank you!”

Download the brochure for Pitch Your Story right here 👇

Pitch Your Story (Startup Founders) Brochure
Download PDF • 1.01MB

Let's chat about how I can help your founders:

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